Motor skill learning and execution in a distributed brain network

Steffen Wolff (Ölveczky Lab, Harvard University)
Wed 29 Mar 1:00pm - Northwest 243/ Lunch at 12:45pm
Postdoctoral Fellow

Optimal degrees of synaptic connectivity

Ashok Litwin-Kumar (Columbia University)
Wed 5 Apr 1:00pm - Northwest Building 243


Misha Ahrens (Howard Hughes Medical Institute [HHMI])
Wed 19 Apr 1:00pm - Northwest Building Room 243

Active mechanisms of vibration encoding and frequency filtering in central mechanosensory neurons

Rachel I. Wilson (Harvard Medical School)
Wed 26 Apr 1:00pm - Northwest 243/ Lunch at 12:45pm
Martin Family Professor of Basic Research in the Field of Neurobiology

Single-trial dynamics of neural activity in parietal cortex during decision-making

Jonathan Pillow (Princeton)
Wed 3 May 1:00pm - Northwest 243


James Fitzgerald
Wed 17 May 1:00pm - Northwest Building, Room 243