Ross Mair

Head of MR Physics
Center for Brain Science, Harvard University
Department of Radiology, Harvard Medical School
Department of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital
rmair [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu

Northwest Building, room 231.10
Harvard University
52 Oxford Street
Cambridge MA 02138

As the Head of MR Physics at the Harvard University Center for Brain Science, Neuroimaging facility, my role involves investigation and implementation of novel MRI methods for neuroimaging using the 3.0T MRI scanner, along with facility management duties.  My research time has been split between optimization of advanced fMRI techniques, and investigation of acceleration methods for anatomical neuroimaging for morphomertric analysis; using high levels of in-plane parallel imaging acceleration, simultaneous multi-slice imaging techniques, and recently under-sampling with compressed sensing. Recently, I was the MR technical lead for the Human Connectome Project in Development work done at Harvard under the direction of Dr. Leah Somerville. This included optimization of anatomical and Arterial Spin Labelling methods with the peripheral hardware used in HCP-D/A and supervision and training of the RA’s who ran the scans at Harvard. My role requires close collaborations with Siemens developers, senior engineers and my colleagues at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital.