Ross Mair

Head of MR Physics
Center for Brain Science, Harvard University
Department of Radiology, Harvard Medical School
Department of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital
rmair [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu

Northwest Building, room 295.08
Harvard University
52 Oxford Street
Cambridge MA 02138

My work involves implementation of novel MRI methods and protocols for use on the 3.0 T Tim Trio by investigators at the Harvard Center for Brain Science. This includes research projects to study the impact of new image acquisition schemes/hardware/reconstruction methods on conventional functional and resting-state MRI scans; assisting research groups in obtaining the best possible performance from the MR system; ensuring the proper functioning of our MR scanner, and providing technical oversight of installation, operation, and upgrades of MRI equipment, sequences, and software. I interact with investigators at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital and provide a conduit for new developments between our facilities and with Siemens. I am also pursuing research into non-Gaussian anisotropic diffusion effects, incorporating stimulated-echo and double-PGSE methods, with applications in neuroscience, bringing these techniques to a human MRI scanner for the first time. In addition to the above, I am an occasional collaborator with the low-field imaging laboratory at the Martinos Center, with a focus on posture-dependence of human lung function.