Rationally inattentive intertemporal choice


Samuel J Gershman, Rahul Bhui

A Neural Network for Wind-Guided Compass Navigation

Tatsuo S Okubo, Paola Patella, Isabelle D'Allesandro, Rachel I Wilson

NMDAR-mediated modulation of gap junction circuit regulates olfactory learning in C. elegans

Myung-Kyu Choi, He Liu, Tai hong Wu, Wenxing Yang, Yun Zhang

3D Brain Organoids: Studying Brain Development and Disease Outside the Embryo


Silvia Velasco, Bruna Paulsen, Paola Arlotta


Voluntary Pursuit of Negatively Valenced Stimuli From Childhood to Early Adulthood

Katherine A Grisanzio, Stephanie F Sasse, Erik C Nook, Hilary K Lambert, Katie A McLaughlin, Leah H Somerville. Dev Sci 2020 Jul 2;e13012.



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CBS Seminar

Inductive Bias of Neural Networks

Cengiz Pehlevan
Tue 18 Aug 1:00pm - Zoom
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Gabriel Kreiman
Tue 25 Aug 1:00pm - Zoom
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Ben de Bivort
Tue 1 Sep 1:00pm - Zoom
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Fei Chen
Tue 15 Sep 1:00pm - Zoom
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Kenneth Harris (University College London)
Tue 22 Sep 1:00pm - Zoom
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Assembling Neural Circuits: from the Fly Olfactory System to the Mammalian Hippocampal Network

Liqun Luo (Stanford)
Tue 29 Sep 1:00pm - Zoom
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Paola Arlotta
Tue 6 Oct 1:00pm - Zoom
CBS Seminar

Mind-reading from orofacial behaviors in mice

Marius Pachitariu (Janelia)
Tue 13 Oct 1:00pm - Zoom
Group Leader
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Michael Platt (Penn)
Tue 20 Oct 3:00pm - Psychology lecture hall

What We Do

Researchers in the Center for Brain Science (CBS) are discovering how brain circuits give rise to computations that underlie thought and behavior. We are determining the structure and function of neural circuits; investigating how these circuits govern behavior and vary between individuals; learning how they change during development and aging; and deepening our understanding of what is amiss in neurological and psychiatric disorders, and how to address these pathologies. To accomplish this mission, CBS brings neuroscientists together with physical scientists and engineers to develop and deploy new tools for neuroscience. Headquartered in the new Northwest Building on Oxford Street in Cambridge, CBS has strong links throughout the neuroscience community at Harvard University. Members are drawn from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Harvard Medical School, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the Harvard-affiliated hospitals.

Neuroengineering: what tools we need

Neuroimaging: what underlies our thoughts

Light Microscopy: what the brain looks like 

Electron Microscopy: what is the brain's nanostructure

Connectome Project: how the brain is wired

Swartz Program: how do we understand brain function

Education: what training we need