MR Suite Rules and Procedures


* NOTE: All investigators are required to set up and clean up properly. If the area is untidy when you arrive, or if equipment has not been returned to it's proper position or default state, notify Larry White by email. If you fail to notify Larry, you could be held responsible.


Set Up Procedures

  •  Only qualified (green badge) persons may operate the MR scanner.
  • Two members of the research team must be present during all scanning.
  • No one (including researchers, assistants or observers) may enter the scanner room without signing a screening form.
  • Participants AND investigators must sign the appropriate consent and screening forms before scanning.
  • If there are any questions regarding a participant's compatibility with the magnetic field, Larry White must be notified. DO NOT SCAN!
  • Have all participants change into scrubs to reduce the risk of metal being present. Do not allow participants to wear heavy restrictive clothing. Scrubs can be found in the closet.
  • ANYONE entering the scanner room must first "de-metal" (empty pockets; remove jewelry, watches, wallets, beepers, hair clips; leave pens, clipboards etc. outside)
  • Hearing protection (in the form of earplugs and/or headphones) must be used for all participants. Cover headphones with available disposable covers.
  • Double check wires on all equipment you use in the scanning room for loops or fraying that can cause serious electrical burns.
  • Assist all participants onto the scanner bed.
  • Lower the scanner bed all the way down for children and elderly participants. The scanner bed will not support participants weighing more than about 400 pounds.
  • Use clean linen for each participant.
  • Do not use paper clips or other small metal objects (staples, etc.) around the scanner. They tend to land on the floor and find their way into the magnet room and into the magnet.
  • Check and remove loose cables that may cause artifacts on images.
  • When registering a participant on the scanner, use the YEAR MONTH DAY_XXXX format. Never use any participant identifiers in the code.
  • Copy all paperwork for each participant and place it in a pocket folder provided. Neatly write the same ID used to register the participant on the folder and drop it into the dropbox.


 Clean Up Procedures

  •  Return all equipment to its labeled place on the shelves, counters or in the drawers.
  • Place used linens in the laundry hamper in the magnet room.
  • Collect the used scrubs from the participant and place them in the laundry hamper in the closet.
  • Turn off all stimulus equipment (i.e. projector, goggles)
  • Disinfect any equipment that comes in direct contact with participants (coils, wires, etc) with the wipes provided. PLEASE DO THIS IN BETWEEN EVERY PARTICIPANT.
  • If you are the last group scanning, place the phantom in the scanner using proper procedure and put the trash bins outside the control room.


Food and Drink

  •  No food is allowed in the control room. Please use the break room down the hall.
  • Drinks are allowed but MUST be capped and kept away from all equipment and keyboards. DO NOT leave coffee rings!


Proper Attire

  •  Proper, professional dress is expected in the imaging center.


Broken Equipment

  • Report ALL broken equipment and equipment failures immediately to Larry White. It is understood that equipment in such constant use will occasionally break. You will not be held responsible, but we cannot fix items unless we know they are broken.


Contact Larry White for more information.