Resonant-galvo multiphoton laser scanning microscope

Note: The system requires special training to operate.

This multiphoton microscope system is custom built using parts from an upright Olympus stand. A resonant galvo is used to achieve fast scan rates (15 to 30 frames per second). The multiphoton laser comprises a Coherent Mira 900 Ti:S oscillator and a 18W Verdi solid-state pump laser.

There are two external detectors with dichroic filters for R/G or CFP/YFP.


  1. Real-time multiphoton imaging of CFP and YFP in living animals


  1. Fast scan rate (15-30 frames per second)
  2. Two external detectors with good detection sensitivity


  1. Multiphoton imaging only
  2. No CCD camera
  3. Custom software with limited flexibility
  4. Changing wavelength requires manual adjustment of multiphoton laser