Zeiss LSM-510 Meta confocal microscope system (Axioplan 2 stand)

This system has 458nm, 488nm, 514nm, 543nm and 633nm laser lines. There is no 440nm line for imaging CFP.

The filter sets are useful for imaging FITC, TRITC and far red fluorophores (eg, cy5 or alexa-647). The system is not particularly useful for imaging CFP and YFP. There are two fluorescence channels, a transmitted light detector and a Meta detector.

The Meta detector allows sampling of the emission spectrum (simultaneously acquiring up to 8 channels at a time). Linear unmixing can be used to separate fluorophores with overlapping emission spectra (eg, GFP and YFP).

The condenser has been removed to allow ample working space for live imaging. The system has dipping cone objectives as well as oil and water immersion objectives.


  1. Live imaging of adult mice
  2. Separation of GFP and YFP using Meta detector


  1. Microscope is fully motorized
  2. Macro editor license allows development of custom imaging procedures
  3. System is not as heavily used as FV1000 systems


  1. No 440nm or 561nm laser lines
  2. Limited usefulness for imaging of CFP and mCherry
  3. Not as sensitive as FV1000 systems