Olympus FV1000MPE (BX61 stand)

This system has 405nm, 440nm, 458nm, 488nm, 514nm, 561nm and 633nm laser lines. The 405nm laser is on a SIM scanner separate from the primary scanner and is used for photoconversion and uncaging. The system also has a multiphoton laser (MaTai BB).

The filters are appropriate for imaging CFP and YFP. The system has four filter channels. There are two external channels for multiphoton imaging.

The system is used mostly to image slides and has the MATL software module to allow acquisition of tiled image stacks.

The system has a set of oil immersion objectives and a 10x air objective.

The microscope has ample working distance for live imaging. There are two low magnification high NA dipping cone objectives (20x 0.95NA and 25x 1.05NA) that are useful for multiphoton and live imaging.


  1. Imaging of CFP, YFP and mCherry in fixed tissue
  2. Automatic (unattended) acquisition of tiled confocal image stacks
  3. Multiphoton imaging in live mice
  4. Photoconversion of Kaede-green


  1. 405nm laser on separate scanhead for photoconversion or stimulation
  2. High detection sensitivity
  3. Efficient low power dipping cone objectives for live imaging


  1. Changing wavelength of multiphoton laser requires manual realignment of external light path
  2. No DIC optics
  3. System is heavily used (low availability)