CBS Seminar

Striatal circuitry for reward seeking behavior

Ilana Witten (Princeton Neuroscience Institute)
Tue 2 May noon - Northwest 243
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Single-trial dynamics of neural activity in parietal cortex during decision-making

Jonathan Pillow (Princeton University)
Wed 3 May 1:00pm - Northwest 243
Thursday Seminar Series

The development of specialized modules for recognizing faces, scenes, text, and bodies : what you see is what you get.

Margaret Livingstone, PhD (HMS)
Thu 4 May noon - Northwest B103
Special Seminar

Attractor dynamics in networks with learning rules inferred from data

Nicolas Brunel (University of Chicago)
Wed 10 May 1:00pm - Northwest 243
Thursday Seminar Series

Collective Sensing and Decision-Making in Animal Groups: From Fish Schools to Primate Societies

Iain Couzin (MPI Ornitholoy and U of Konstanz)
Thu 11 May noon - Northwest B103
Director of the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology
Director, Department of Collective Behaviour, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology

Towards the principles and neural circuit mechanisms of motion guided behavior

James Fitzgerald (Harvard University)
Wed 17 May 1:00pm - Northwest Building, Room 243
Post-doctoral Fellow, Swartz Program in Theoretical Neuroscience
CBS Seminar

Learning and transfer: Lessons from action video games

Daphne Bavalier (University of Geneva)
Tue 23 May noon - Northwest Building, Room 243


Mike Wallace (Harvard University)
Wed 24 May 1:00pm - Northwest Building 243
Postdoctoral Fellow, Sabatini Lab
Special Seminar

Light on an ancestral sensory interface linking cerebrospinal fluid to motor circuits in vertebrates

Claire Wyart (ICM/Paris)
Fri 26 May 11:30am - Northwest 243