The longitudinal genetic trajectory of developing GABAergic neurons


March 22, 2018 - 12:00pm
Northwest Building, Room B-103
About the Speaker
Gordon Fishell
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HMS, Dept. of Neurobiology

My laboratory is interested in the developmental steps that allow the startling repertoire of interneurons to develop and integrate into the developing nervous system. This process begins with their specification during which genetic programs initiated within progenitors relegate interneurons into specific cardinal classes. Subsequent to this neuronal activity is fundamental for both the laminar positioning, as well as the dendritic and axonal arborization of at least some interneuron subtypes. These results suggest that sensory information complements earlier established genetic programs to shape the way interneuronal subtypes integrate into nascent cortical circuits. In this presentation, I will present evidence profiling the emergence of subtype specific gene expression through developmental genetic programs examined at a single cell level within progenitors and the precursors they give rise to. I will also discuss how early activity-mediated events shape the connectivity of specific subclasses through alternative splicing of synaptic transcripts. Finally, I will present evidence suggesting that transient developmental circuits involving interneurons shape the connectivity and function of the adult cortex.