Exploratory analysis of whole-brain functional imaging data in larval zebrafish in the context of phototaxis


April 1, 2015 - 1:00pm
NW 243
About the Speaker
Xiuye Chen (Engert Lab)

To understand how the larval zebrafish brain transforms differences in illumination into phototaxis behavior, we monitor the activity of almost all neurons in the brain simultaneously using light-sheet calcium imaging with visual presentation and recording of fictive behavior. Using a custom interactive Matlab program, we can explore these data sets with a combination of regression and clustering analysis to look for distributed activity patterns. In particular, we are interested in the sites central to the sensory-motor transformation, and preliminary findings suggest that a region in the anterior hindbrain is a likely candidate. These findings also help to address the question of how symmetric visual stimuli can be transformed into often-asymmetric motor outputs.