EM-circuit mapping guided by neuronal and connectivity properties


March 10, 2015 - 1:00pm
NW 243
About the Speaker
Albert Cardona (Janelia Farm)

Large-scale neural circuit mapping efforts use electron microscopy to reconstruct neuronal arbors and identify synapses. Arbor reconstruction is sensitive to artifacts in the volume, demanding laborious proofreading by humans who resolve local ambiguities with larger contextual cues or by reconciling multiple independent reconstructions.
We developed a novel circuit mapping method that interweaves proofreading and reconstruction, is guided by arbor and connectivity properties, and enables multiple collaborators to concurrently map circuits using the software CATMAID. I will demonstrate the application of our method to mapping circuits in Drosophila from large-scale electron microscopy, and how neuronal arbor structure and its role in connectivity helps us produce reliable circuit reconstructions. Our method avoids high-impact errors without requiring redundant reconstructions, indicating that the cellular neuroanatomy of connectivity offers a viable path for fast and accurate circuit mapping.