A Special Symposium Highlighting Collaborative Neurobiology Research


October 26, 2016 - 1:00pm - 5:00pm
HMS Goldenson 122
About the Speaker
HBI Symposium

Dopamine and Timing

Naoshige Uchida, PhD and John Assad, PhD

Joint Lecture

  Maturation of Connectivity within a Neural Circuit

Rachel Wilson, PhD and Aravinthan Samuel, PhD

Joint Lecture

  Molecular Profiling of Neuronal Diversity

Lisa Goodrich, PhD and Paola Arlotta, PhD

Lecture by Dr. Goodrich

  The Evolution, Genetics and Neurobiology of Social Behaviors

Bob Datta, MD, PhD and Hopi Hoekstra, PhD

Lecture by Dr. Datta

 Oxygen, Odors and Brain Serotonin

Venkatesh Murthy, PhD and Susan Dymecki, MD, PhD

Lecture by Dr. Murthy