Neural Basis of Body Fluid Regulation


March 26, 2019 - 12:00pm
BioLabs Building, Room 1080
About the Speaker
Yuki Oka
Speaker Title: 
Assistant Professor
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Fluid homeostasis is a vital function that regulates the balance between water and sodium. If this balance shifts in one direction, the brain detects the changes and triggers appetite to drive water or sodium intake for compensation. Defining the neural logic of these processes is critical for understanding brain function underlying normal and abnormal appetite. Our goal is to understand how the brain processes internal state information and peripheral signals to regulate goal-oriented behaviors. In this seminar, I will describe neural mechanisms by which the brain regulates appetite toward water and sodium using in vivo optical recording, neural tracing, and manipulation tools in mice. I will also discuss how ingestive behaviors contributes to short- and long-term satiety circuits in the brain.