Directions from Logan Airport

Boston Logan Airport to Dormitories:

We have arranged rooms for you at the Lesley University Dormitories. Traveling to the dorms by taxi takes approximately 35 minutes and costs about $40.00 (which Harvard will not be able to cover).

You can also take public transportation. Board a Silver Line bus at the airport and take it to South Station. At South Station, board a Red Line train traveling toward Alewife. Go six stops and get off the train at Harvard. Traveling by bus/train takes approximately 50 minutes and costs $2.50.

The dormitories are about a 10-minute walk from the Harvard Square train station. Take the Church Street exit and walk north on Massachusetts Avenue. You will pass Cambridge Common (a small park) on your left. Cross the street, and continue until you reach Mellen Street on your right. Turn down Mellen Street. The Lesley Housing office will be on your left at 9 Mellen Street, and the Public Safety will be a bit farther down, also on your left, at 35 Mellen Street. You will check in and pick up your key at one of these locations, depending on what time you arrive:

1.) If you arrive before 9:00pm, check in at the Summer Housing Office at 9 Mellen Street.

2.) If you arrive after 9:00pm, check in at the Public Safety Office at Lesley University, at 35 Mellen Street.

For a map with walking directions from the train station to the dormitory, see here.

For an interactive map of the Harvard Square area and the Harvard University campus, see here.