LMU-Harvard Young Scientists Forum 2010



Friday 23 July 2010                                                                                         

            All Day            Arrival in Boston
                                                 Faculty: Inn at Harvard; 1201 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Massachusetts; 
                                                 Ph: 617.491.2222
                                                 Directions to The Inn at Harvard

Students: Lesley University dormitories; 63 Oxford St., Cambridge, Massachusetts
                                                 Directions to the dormitory

            8:00PM           Welcome dinner at Harvard Faculty Club; 20 Quincy Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Saturday 24 July 2010                          
Northwest Building Auditorium, B103
52 Oxford St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

            8:30AM             Depart hotel and dormitory
8:45AM             Continental breakfast at Northwest Building, B1 lobby
:00AM            Opening Remarks
9:15AM             Faculty Lecture 1: Alan Saghatelian
0:15AM           Break
0:30AM          Student Session 1, Chaired by Stephen Buratowski
                                               Student 1: Tim Sikorski (Buratowski)
                                               Student 2: Anna Kochaniak (Walter and van Oijen)
                                               Student 3: Andreas Schmidt (Endres)
                                               Student 4: Ga
ëtan Bellot (Shih)
12:30PM           Lunch
2:00PM            Student Session 2, Chaired by Markus Meister
                                                Student 5: Anne Kreile (Hübener)
                                                Student 6: Ryan Draft (Lichtman)
                                                Student 7: Franz Weber (Borst)
                                                Student 8: Brendan Lehnert (Wilson)
4:00PM            Break
4:15PM             Faculty Lecture 2: Patrick Cramer
5:30PM            Poster session 1 (all posters present)
7:30PM            Dinner on your own in Cambridge

Sunday 25 July 2010
Northwest Building Auditorium, B103                                                                                                          

            9:00AM             Faculty Lecture 3: Dirk Trauner
10:00AM           Break
0:15AM           Student Session 3, Chaired by Daniel Hog
                                                Student 9: Michael Lazarus (Kahne/Walker)
                                                Student 10: Anselm Geiger (Griesbeck)
                                                Student 11: Wenjun Zhang (Walsh)
                                                Student 12: Philipp Stawski (Trauner)
2:15PM           Lunch
2:00PM            FAS Lab Tours
4:00PM            Faculty Lecture 4: Benedikt Grothe
5:00PM            Poster session 2 (all posters present)
7:00PM            Blue Ribbon BBQ in Tozzer courtyard at Harvard
                                          (Rain location: Northwest Building)

Monday 26 July 2010
Cannon Room
Building C
Harvard Medical School Quad                                                               

            8:45AM             Board shuttle for Harvard Medical School
9:30AM             Faculty Lecture 5: Stephan Sieber
10:30AM            Break
0:45AM            Student Session 4, Chaired by Thomas Böttcher
                                                Student 13: Nicholas Kwiatkowski (Gray)
                                                Student 14: Evelyn Zeiler (Sieber)
                                                Student 15: Emily Derbyshire (Clardy)
                                                Student 16: Peer-Hendrik Kuhn (Haass)
12:45PM            Lunch
2:30PM             HMS Lab Tours
4:30PM             Student Session 5, Chaired by Kenneth Blum
Student 17: Sonia Cohen (Greenberg)
Student 18: Felipe Ortega de la O (Götz)
5:30PM             Faculty Lecture 6: Alex Schier
6:45PM             Closing remarks
PM             Dinner on your own in Boston

Tuesday 27 July 2010
North Shore Outing 

            9:00AM             Depart Northwest Building
10:15AM           Marblehead, MA
12:45PM            Depart Marblehead
:00PM             Arrive Gloucester, MA
1:15PM              Pick up box lunches
1:30PM             Whale watch
5:30PM             Depart Gloucester
6:00PM             Dinner at Woodman's
8:30PM             Depart Woodman's
9:30PM             Arrive Northwest Building                                                                      

Wednesday 28 July 2010

            All day              Departures                                           


Poster Presenters
Thomas Böttcher (Sieber lab)
           Antoniu Fantana (Ölveczky lab)
           Felix Felmy (Grothe lab)
           Karin Fisch (Herz lab)
           Daniel Hog (Trauner lab)
           Christian Hotz (Endres lab)
           Rizwana Islam (Kunes lab)
           Eran Mukamel (Swartz Fellow)
           Fiona Müllner (Bonhöffer lab)
           Whitney Nolte (Saghatelian lab)
           Max Pitscheider (Sieber lab)
           Suzie Yorozu (Hensch lab)